Masterbuilt Portable Electric Smoker v/s Analog Electric Smoker

The Masterbuilt portable electric smoker is unbeatable as far as the smoked food is considered, it cooks food in a healthy manner and the food is delicious as well. Masterbuilt electric smoker can be kept even in those areas which have small space, but it can even cook large enough foods including turkey or pork butt.

This kind of electric smoker can be considered ideal as long as the adventurous trips, dinner or camping is organized as it is available in several different sizes and capacities and has various smoking features. It can cook food even in the indoors, it has made smoking food so simply because it occupies less space and can cook even whole turkey. Masterbuilt portable smokers possess a stainless steel cabinet, whose controller is present in the top portion and its all parts can be replaced whenever required. It is not much convenient for beginners but it is easy to use, one can smoke food without any hassle of burning charcoal or propane. One just has to plug the electric smoker and set the temperature and time conditions according to the food requirements. Masterbuilt portable electric smoker requires sufficient time to cook food and it is for an outdoor purpose only. The electric smoker has to be preheated for about 30-45 minutes at the maximum temperature before putting food into it.

The racks should not be covered with aluminum foils, this does not allow entering the heat properly and the food will be under-cooked. A large amount of food cannot be loaded at one time in the Masterbuilt electric smoker because this will result in increasing the cooking time and there may be chances of undercooked food because of a large amount of food there will not be enough space for proper heat circulation. Analog electric smoker works on electricity and it is for outdoors only and it is not convenient for use in enclosed areas. These types of electric smokers should not be left unattended, and to work it properly one should not plug in before assembling it properly. It is necessary that the food should not be covered with aluminum foil for the smoking of food, it does not have much higher temperature range just works till 320 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is not applicable to use in windy days or rainy days or during the electric storm. Analog electric smoke rise attractive in appearance and are much easy to use for beginners also as one just have to read the instruction manual carefully and follow accordingly. It is more good for smoking delicate meat because one can make sure that smoking is going according to the plan due to analog feature in the smoker. One of the best features is one can observe the food smoking without opening the doors as the doors are covered with tempered glass making it accessible to view across it.

This is best for beginners because they can easily monitor what is happening inside without opening the gates every single time which leads to lowering down the temperature and the food will take more than the usual time to cook food. The analog electric smoker comes with wheels so it is easy to transport the analog smoker from one place to another, and it not much costlier comes in a very good range so that one can afford it and have great experience of healthy smoked food. No doubt they are quite durable and work really well having a great lifespan. Thus, as far as beginners are considered analog electric smokers are much more convenient and reliable to use.…

Prawn Rice Bowl

Sometimes what happens is we make a lot of rice but at the end of the day nobody eats them due to various situations and even if the members of your family happily eat them a lot of leftovers are still there and then I as an individual panic because I hate wasting food, if you are like me and you hate wasting food and usually you find leftover rice in your fridge this recipe is the one for you.



  • oil (preferably sunflower oil, about two big spoons of it) 
  • cooked rice (preferably basmati rice, you would require at least four hundred grams of it)  
  • frozen peas (about seventy-five grams of peas is required for this recipe) 
  • prawns ( hundred grams of cooked prawn) 
  • Beaten two medium- sized eggs) 
  • soy sauce (one big spoon) 
  • six sliced and trimmed spring onions 
  • sesame oil (half a small spoon) 


  • Take a large-sized pan (make sure that it has a strong bottom), pour some oil into the pan and heat it, for heating it, turn the stove on set the level of heat at medium, once you see smoke add rice (make sure that you are using already cooked rice), (if you do not have pre-cooked rice then you can cook them if you do not know how to fry them then do not worry I’m here for the help, all you need to do is cook rice and then take a pan add some oil to the pan and once you feel that the oil has reached the required temperature add all the vegetable that you love, fry them once done with frying add white cooked rice to the pan and stir well, add vingare, chili sauce, black pepper, salt and mix well, make sure that the vegetables are properly fried, once done transfer your rice to a bowl and keep them aside so that they can reach room temperature, that’s all about how to fry the rice) 
  • after rice add peas and fry rice and peas for about three to four minutes after three to four minutes add prawns to the pan and fry them for at least two minutes. 
  • Take a small-sized bowl and break an egg in it, after breaking an egg start beating it with the help of a spoon, once done pour it on the rice and cook for about sixty seconds after sixty seconds the egg would be scrambled. 
  • Now it’s time you add spring onions, soy sauce and sesame oil to the pan, mix well and cook for about thirty seconds, turn off the flames and transfer the rice to a bowl, serve warm. 
  • Prawns have some substitutes if you are not a big fan of prawns you can use ham and if you are a vegetarian then you can seemly use tofu 


This dish is full of nutrients, per serving it provides about nine hundred and seventy-five grams of calories, about nineteen grams of fat, about thirty-three grams of protein and about one hundred and sixty-four grams of carbohydrates 

Ham Brochettes Recipe


  • Thick ham slices (1/4 pound) 
  • Small-sized mushrooms, do not forget to remove the stems, for this recipe you would require at least twenty-four mushrooms 
  • Bamboo skewers (at least six) 
  • Salt (I would suggest you coarse salt) 


  • Cut the ham slices into squares and then arrange five squares on one skewer along with the ham alternate at least four mushrooms, repeat this step with the remaining bamboo skewers 
  • Take a large-sized skillet, bush it using one big spoon of oil, after brushing place it on the stove, turn the stove on, set the level of heat at medium, let it reach the right temperature 
  • Time for cooking, add the prepared skewers to the skillet and keep cooking until the mushrooms turn soft in texture and brown in color 
  • Do not forget to turn the skewers every now and then, this might take about twelve minutes 
  • Once done with cooking season your skewers using coarse salt 
  • Serve warm and serve with mayonnaise. 


Salted- Butter oatmeal

Ingredients required- 

  • All-purpose flour (one and a half cup) 
  • Wheat flour (half a cup) 
  • Baking powder (half a small spoon) 
  • Salt (one small spoon) 
  • Baking soda (half a small spoon) 
  • One big cup full of butter (as the name suggests you require salted butter for this recipe) 
  • Sugar, preferably light brown (one and a half cup) 
  • Granulated sugar (half a cup) 
  • Two big cups of oats 
  • One big spoon of vanilla extract 
  • Two large-sized eggs 
  • Six oz chopped semi-sweet chocolates 



  • Take a bowl and add both the flours, baking powder and soda to it, mix all of these ingredients together once done with mixing add salt and mix again. 
  • Take another bowl, in that bowl add butter, granulated and light brown sugar to it, once done with adding all the ingredients use a mixer to mix all these ingredients if you have an electric mixer then make sure you beat the salted butter at medium speed 
  • Break one egg and then mix, once done break another egg and mix again, now add the flour mixture to the bowl and mix at low speed, after a while add vanilla and oats, mix again, take a spatula and fold in your semi-sweetened chocolate using the spatula. 
  • Place your dough on your shelf and then make a disk out of it, make sure that before this you freeze your dough, arrange racks in your oven and preheat them, do line the racks with baking sheets and parchment paper. 
  • drop some of your dough on the baking sheets that you just prepared and then make your cookies, baking might take twelve to fifteen minutes once done with baking give at least five minutes to your cookies to cool down, do not line the third batch before the baking sheet has completely cooled down. 

The fun fact is that you can make the dough right now and even use it like three months from now all you need to do is properly store it 


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