Fence ideas 

  • You can go for something which is very basic like for instance, you can go for a nice black solid stain who’s boards are pretty wide, make sure that it does not actually block your view and in adding to this you can add chicken wire to the fence this would make it look more modern and stylish. 
  • Add a gate to the fence so that it can actually outline your home’s perimeter and it would also offer you easy accessibility, all you would require tdoingis swing that gate, I would suggest that you go for a garden door as it would make it look cooler and if you are worried that it would block your view then you can add a screen to your door it would actually enhance your home’s beauty. 
  • Use a few lumber to construct your fence, a short nice fence and it would actually be easy to construct and moreover what you can do to enhance the beauty is that you can add color to it, no more the usual white colored fence go for some nice bright color like blue, without much efforts it would actually add some nice character to the garden, you can even opt for multiple colors 
  • If you have thin and long branches in your garden then we have one of the best ideas for you, use your thin, green long branches as weave basket just bent them. 
  • Do you have timber leftovers and cuts from the project that you were once working on and they are all actually very different in size and lengths? do not worry now is the right time to bring them to use, use the idea of a city horizon and create something amazing and different. 
  • You can opt for a massive fence and make it resemble quilted stitching, it would be tall and large but won’t block your view as you would use chicken wire over here, it would help you make a functional fence and add character and element to your beautiful garden, chicken wires are very thin and work amazingly. 
  • Do you have some wooden old doors that you do not use? if yes then you are lucky to have them just take them out and give your garden a rustic and beautiful look. 
  • I know how annoying it is when animals just climb your fence to enter your garden, the solution to this big time problem is that you can simply build two gardens out of one do not build the fence outside of your garden build it in between of it, it would keep the animals distracted and they won’t enter your actual garden  
  • A log fence is one of the most stylish fence ideas, it really does not matter if your house is a log style house, it is super stylish and very easy to make, you would require some hammers, nails and clean and nice logs and you can even make a gate out of some logs. 
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