How To Make Delicious Food Everyday

  • Every day when I get up in the morning I go straight to the kitchen and brew myself a nice cup of coffee, I always keep a check on my supply of k-cups because I like refilling my stock of k-cups even before the existing ones are finished, it is like I’m obsessed with coffee, I can’t open my eyes properly without a cup of coffee and the day I do not get a nice cup of coffee I seem to be low on energy and people assume that I’m sick, every morning my parents look at me with worried eyes to  make sure that they stop worrying I did some research and I found out that coffee is actually good for out health, let’s see how 
  • Back in time researchers and even commoners blamed coffee for causing illness, they blamed coffee for heart diseases, for instance, people would blame coffee if somebody died of heart attack, but some new researchers have shut the mouth of such people they say that coffee has health benefits. 
  • People assumed that coffee has a strong connection to cancer and heart diseases whereas now the new researchers claim that there is no such connection, the thing is people who are heavy drinkers of coffee are usually into smoking and do no physical activity, yes such people face some problems but the people who are not into smoking and have a lot of physical activities do not face such problems. 
  • If you are consuming unfiltered coffee then there are chances of mild elevations in your level of cholesterol, coffee actually protects us from diseases like diabetes, liver disease, and Parkinson’s disease and for some people two cups of coffee per day helps them to reduce their chances to have any type of heart disease. 
  • I when got to know about all these benefits of coffee, I got super happy and I can’t even express the level of happiness that I experienced that day but then I realized one more thing, coffee is indeed amazing but juice and milk are amazing as well coffee may have a lot of nutrients but it does not have the nutrients that a glass of juice might have or a glass of milk and if you are a fan of cream in your coffee or sugar then you are actually adding ingredients that can surely increase fat in your body but if you prefer black coffee then it helps in breaking the cells that cause fat and coffee even reduces the chances of a stroke, how amazing is that, and coffee is said to be full of antioxidants which means it actually helps in protecting out body, reduces the chances of Alzheimer which means it helps in protecting our brain as well, it improves your ability to focus and the best part about coffee is that it keeps us happy, makes us feel energetic and reduces the chances of suicide and depression, coffee is one of the most amazing beverages yet again consuming anything more than an optimal level can be dangerous. 
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