You Know Why Driveways And Streets Are Made Out Of Concrete?

It is because concrete is super strong and hard, it offers durability you can’t even dent or scratch something made out of concrete. And do not forget it is actually a statement of fashion and adding it to your home won’t cost you much other than this you need not forget that this material is damn too heavy and if you have grade then the weight is none of your concern but if you have subfloors then it is actually your concern, talk to engineer and then only decide if you wish to have a concrete floor or not, now let’s start with the pros of a floor made up of concrete.



  1. Concrete floors are pretty much low on maintenance, the properties that a concrete floor has makes it super easy to maintain and makes it actually durable. We all get really worried when some kid spills something on the floor why? Because it’s difficult to clean them but when it comes to floors made up of concrete you need not worry as all you would require is damp mopping and within minutes your floor would appear to be new.
  2. Concrete floors give you a number of options when it comes to design, concrete floors are luxurious and not ho-hum because of the finish and if you add dyes to it, then it would look more beautiful, there are certain treatments that can make your concrete floor look marvelous, there are number of paints and concrete stains available for this particular matter in the market, you ask for it and you simply get it, if your choice of dye is right then your floor can actually mimic brick, natural stones, and even tiles.
  3. Do you live in that corner of the earth where it is cold all the time?ifyes then concrete floors are one of the best options for you as you can add the element of heat to your floor, how? by adding water tubes or electrical cables embedded in your concrete floor and with this simple step you will be able to create a nice comfy warm floor. 
  • Like everything in this world concrete floors have some cons as well, let’s look at them 


  1. If you drop a glass on your concrete floor then sorry to tell you but it won’t survive, as the floor is very hard and some people even find concrete floors very uncomfortable if you are really a fan of concrete floors then you can use rugs. 
  1. Damp floor, yes if you live in the basement then you might always find moisture on your floor. 
  1. You might get cracks on your floor because concrete floors invite moisture but if you are planning to mix some dyes then the cracks won’t be visible and concrete floors even produce co2. 


  • Now it depends on you if you want concrete floors in your house or not, they are pretty amazing but have their own flaws as well if you can avoid them you are good to go. 
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